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 The CMS you've been looking for.

eXperienceThe new eXperience CMS is gonna be out soon.

What is it?
eXperience is a new high customizable Content Management System for building your website. It includes all the features you can find in CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Zen Cart, etc.

So, what's new?
Today, CMS are really awesome.
You can really do everything with them: you can create your website or blog in a few clicks even if you're not a webmaster or webdesigner.

But still, the are awesome only if you are an end user.
If you are a developer, you will have nightmares every time you're asked to add some features to a premade CMS.



Because CMS have some flaws in common:

  • No clean separation of configuration, logic and content
  • No clean deployment and staging concept
  • Inconsistent cache layers


You will also often find youself unsure on which CMS you should choose, bacause you may want some features that are avalaible in one CMS but not in another, and so on. So you will either have to give up on any feature or spend a lot of time to implement them into the CMS you chose.

With eXperience, you will not have issues like that anymore.

Its modular structure allows you to enable all the features you need with one click, and only the ones you need. So it's not a "one size fits all", and this thing may increase your website performances.

Please visit our features section for more information about this.


Sounds cool, where can i get it?

eXperience is in alpha test now, and it's not available for download yet.

You can request a alpha copy contacting us through the support email address (support[at]experience-cms[dot]org) or follow us on facebook and twitter to be constantly updated.


Stay tuned, and be ready to create your website the easy way.


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